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The Dualism of Human Nature in “Fight Club” - Literature Essay Samples

Societal notions tend to allude that an individual is either one thing or the other and not both; however, this contradicts our very basic human nature, as we possess and can find duality within ourselves. Human nature is imbued with conflict and duplicity, and the battle between our dual selves molds us to who we are. In the classic film Fight Club, this notion is brought to life vividly and in an allegorical manner that fully explores it. The film follows the unnamed narrator (Edward Norton) who is disgruntled with the life of consumerism and white-collar jobs and becomes entangled in a rapport with Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). As the film later reveals Tyler Durden as a manifestation of the protagonist’s unhinged persona, the audience understands the entire conflict between the characters is an internal mental battle. Thus, dualism, a system of thought that polarizes our perceptions, creating opposing antitheses that views the other as an enemy and strives to conquer. In Freud ian thought, the psyche is made up of id as the instinctual impulses, the superego as the moral conscience and the ego which balances both demands. The protagonist, as the ego, fails to compromise between the two. Subsequently, ends up identifying with the superego which he is familiar with and becomes unable to suppress the id (Durden) which takes form as a second entity. Thus, Fincher’s Fight Club visually demonstrates the struggles between the dual opposing forces that are fighting for control which eventually enables the narrator to find who he truly is by balancing them. Tyler Durden as the unsuppressed instinctual and primitive psyche seeks to fulfill the protagonist stifled desires and dominate in hope for his happiness. As he asserts â€Å"All the ways you wish you could be thats me. I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that you are not (Fincher). Durden insists to the narrator how he is the personification that is suitable for him as it accomplishes all his desires. As the narrator’s id he represents the aggression and sexual drives contained in the unconscious mind. The protagonist as a man who has been emasculated by aspects of society such as consumerism, unfulfilling careers, and no possibilities retains extreme impulses that have been repressed. His inability to balance them causes them to manifest in the aggressive fighting rituals, sexual escapades with Marla, and extreme violence through Durden. Durden is destructive and impulsive, as he posses ses high sex-drive, the inclination to primal violence, and disregard of morals without any mindfulness of societal expectations. As the narrator has become unable to self-improve beyond his current state or find happiness, Durden aims to self-destruct and overcome the societal conceptions that have imprisoned his counterpart. Thus, attacking the superego, demonstrating the narrator’s dualism between what is desired and what is required. Despite his initial approval of Durden’s ways, the narrator’s morally conscious persona aims to conquer Durden by subduing his inclinations to no avail. He states, â€Å"Tyler, Im grateful to you; for everything that youve done for me. But this is too much. I dont want this† (Fincher). The narrator, now only as a superego tries to subdue Durden (id) impulses by asserting his moral standards. As he led a mundane life before the manifestation of Durden, the new radical, risky and impulsive way of life brought him excitement and contentment. However, his moral conscience cannot allow him to follow Tyler’s lead into the immoral and wicked territory of his compulsions. Rather than compromise, the narrator as the superego intends to conquer over Durden’s immoral inclinations by trying to undo his sinister plans towards society. He realizes that the mundane life is not completely terrible considering a world of massacre and castrations due to diminutive re asons. However, he fails to realize that his attempts to overcome Durden as an adversary is futile as they are a single entity after all. Finally, the narrator manages to balance both his dualism and comes to his final resolve and transformation. When the narrator, now aware of his duality, puts a gun on his head and Durden questions him he retorts â€Å"Not my head, Tyler. Our head† (Fincher). Realizing that the only way to tackle the dualism is to overpower both forces by compromising both their demands. The opposing id and superego require the ego to ensure rationality in decision-making and constructing the ideal self. As the narrator has become capable of finding the right balance between the two extreme forces. Once he finds the common ground between his prior self and Durden he finds clarity of who he is supposed to be. Even acknowledging to Marla the bizarreness of his previous actions that were dictated by his internal conflict. But now that the duality is in harmony and have a sense of balance, his true identity and motivations are clear and in agreement. Accordingly, Fincher’s Fight Club manages to visually express the dualism of human nature through the opposing forces that seek domination and eventually balance out to create an ideal self. The narrator’s entire conflict is a confrontation between his superego and id as he has lost the capability to compromise both demands through his ego. The persona Durden as the id takes over his life and undertakes a series of instinctual impulses through extreme violence and sexual escapades. While simultaneously destroying the previous mundane and idealized sense of self. However, over time the narrator as the superego intervenes with his moral standards to try to salvage Durden’s damages by subduing his impulses. Subsequently, realizing the duality of human nature which can only be solved by compromising both demands to create the ideal identity. There is no division in our duality and the choice to act while balancing out both forces is what makes us human, as the films conveys.

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EFFECT OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES ON THE STUDY HABBITS OF THE STUDENTS A Research Paper Presented to Ms. Patricia Orpilla By: Ma. Excelsis Dhea T. Arganoza Rose Ann Garcia Kamille Logo Jennifer Capillan Christine Vallejo Michelle Connie Pascual Rainer Rosales INTRODUCTION In our present generations, there a lot of technologies have been deployed to make things easier. One of them is the Social Networking Sites it is very useful in many ways, and it is easy to use by anyone apparently most of them is the students, because there are lot of benefits that they can have through it, it can be popularity pertaining to the passion of the people in the present technology, another one is the communication through different people and also†¦show more content†¦What started out as a hobby for some computer literate people has become social norm and way of life for people around the globe? When talking of about communication, scholars have always made emphasis, that â€Å"communication is the essence of science† (Garvey, 1997) and that â€Å"without communication there would no science† (Lacy and Bush 1983). This means that communication is one of the basic tools to human science. Many people especially students spend a lot of time on social networking site, most spending time would probably in Facebook, they spend too much time on updating their status, creating their profiles, sharing their photos while some just use it to chat with their friends, see their friends through video chatting, or even voice call. Social networking sites such as Facebook provide individuals with a way of maintaining and strengthening social ties, which can be beneficial in both social and academic settings, however, also pose a danger to student’s privacy, safety, health, and professional reputations if proper precaution is taken. Collage and schools should do advic e to consider how these issues might affect their students. At a minimum, schools should take appropriate steps to educate students about these matters. Positive and negative impact of social networking sites Positive part Technological literacy, all social media relies on advance information and communication technologies that seamlessly work

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A Historical Background On Science And Mathematics

Time and again, when referring to a historical background of a topic in science or math, we have been exposed to only a handful of key figures and even fewer notable events without any social or cultural context behind it. Such details are often overlooked and taught without the perspective of the era and why it occurred at the time. There maybe several reasons for such dismissal. Within the STEAM subjects, especially science and mathematics, the content strives to be empirical and concrete without influence of culture, race, gender or era in time. It maybe useful to only highlight few historical figures and events to maximize time in knowledge content. However, often times, the analysis of historical context and how or why the events†¦show more content†¦By exploring the interactions of Newton with his colleagues about his ideas and Darwin’s letters to Lyell and his grandfather’s influence in theory of evolution, this essay will attempt to demonstrate that lon e geniuses in science history are illusions to make up for a good story to tell to engage students in class. Even during his time, Isaac Newton was recognized and greatly respected by people within various scholarly fields. Alexander Pope claimed Newton as the light to the dark and mysteriousness laws of nature in his poem. (1 Pg. 161) However, it is rarely glorified that Newton was not a distinguished scholar when he was younger, except in mathematics, and as an adult, he had diverse interests, such as alchemy, and theology. As a scientist, Newton’s ideas were discussed, criticized and appreciated constantly within the scientific societies of the time. Edmund Halley, the discover of comet and Newton’s colleague, communicated about elliptical orbits and angular momentum of planets with Newton (Pg137). This made Newton questions his own theories about planetary motion and thus eventually lead him to publish ‘Philosophiae Nauturalis Principia Mathematica†. In the book, he structured his argument to disprove Descartes’ theory and referred to Galileo’s work to explain universal gravitation. The incorporation of previous

Marketing & Management Apple Inc

Question: Discuss about the Marketing Managementfor Apple Inc. Answer: The most trusted and established electronic and software brands in the contemporary market is Apple Inc (Oswald Oswald 2012). It is the leader in the electronics and technological market as it offers new and innovative products. The primary corporate objective of Apple is to offer premium products at high range price while sustaining the top position in the market with high profit margins. Apple has maintained its position by manufacturing new, innovative and trend setting products that are top quality and brings new features with it. To maintain the innovativeness within the organization, Apples management has taken initiative in building great organizational culture along with a dedicated research and development department who are committed in initiating new and innovativeness in Apple products. Apple Incs management does not limit within the current success but constantly working to tap the future potentials. The secondary objective of Apple Inc is to continue premium pricing al ong with tapping new market share. Apple has a strong customer base how is brand loyal mainly because of Apples consistency in quality of the products (Bulik, 2010). So, given that the Apple products are cutting edge, the customers will not hesitate to pay more. The management of Apple uses the empathy strategy to reach the customers, that means they try to understand the needs and demand of the customer and comes with a solution for fulfilling those needs and desires. In marketing, the product concept can be explained as the idea that customer will prefer the product quality and features over other aspects while buying the particular product (Armstrong, et al. 2014). Apple Incs product concept is the largely matchless and pioneering in the market. Apples products has always been accepted and liked by its customers. Thus, the management has always manufactured innovative, stylish and user friendly products that ultimately helped Apple to become a global brand. Talking about brand, the management of the organization has always deceitfully expanded since the foundation of Apple Inc. The basic objective of Apple is to manufacture electronic goods that will ease the lifestyle of the user and yet classy and stylish. For instance, iPhone is one of the popular products of Apple Inc and are found in only Apple retail stores. Customers prefer to buy Apple phones because of its features, user friendliness, design and lastly the brand value (Mallin Finkle, 2 011). Apple is devoted to constant development, upgrading so as to it could guide to remarkable changes in the standard operation of Apples product cycles. Apple products are generally considered to be luxury products because of its highly pricing strategy and stylish designs (Kotler, et al. 2015). Thus, it can be said that Apples product concept is strategically used to form opinion among its customers regarding its brand image. It is the most evident that Apple has achieved the market position, share and brand loyalty because of its new and revolutionary products. Thus, products are one of the essential components of Apples marketing strategy. The organization is known for its uniqueness in style and designs, effective marketing and communication strategies. The product line of Apple is well defined and well structured. The product lines of Apple are iPhone, iPad, iMac and iPad. Apple is the most stylish brand when it comes to promotional activities. The communicating message of Apple is generally to the point and understandable. In general, the marketing and promotions of Apple products are utilized tenfold while a new product launch is launched. The publicity and excitement that is created cannot be ignored by the masses. The hype about the product is continued till the point when the product is actually a success. Also, Apple has strategically focused limited number of products so that all of its product s are popular and booming. This is the basic marketing strategy of Apple Inc. The brand Apple is a primary example as to how marketers considering differentiation, brand building and uniqueness establish a strong brand (Hollensen, 2015). Apple is highly appreciated for its highly trained employee force present at their retail stores who are groomed to deliver a high-quality customer experience and it is one of the crucial reasons for Apples success. One of the major weaknesses of Apple Inc is that generally Apples products are highly priced in comparison to its competitors, so it sometimes comes as a hindrance when competitors sell cheap alternative products in the market. Reference: Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Denize, S., Kotler, P. (2014).Principles of marketing. Pearson Australia. Bulik, Beth Snyder. (2010). America's Hottest Brands; iPad.(Apple Inc.).Advertising Age,81(41), 0027. Hollensen, S. (2015).Marketing management: A relationship approach. Pearson Education. Kotler, P., Keller, K. L., Manceau, D., Hmonnet-Goujot, A. (2015).Marketing management(Vol. 14). Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. Mallin, M., Finkle, T. (2011). APPLE INC.: Product Portfolio Analysis.Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies,17(7), 63-74. Oswald, L. R., Oswald, L. (2012).Marketing semiotics: Signs, strategies, and brand value. Oxford University Press.

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Love and Family free essay sample

The short story â€Å"Eveline,† by James Joyce is a story of a young girl who must make a decision between an unhappy life that she is familiar and comfortable with and a life of possible happiness, love, and the unknown. If she leaves with the sailor she has become fond of, she would have the chance to run off to unknown fun, unlimited dreams, and the possibility of love, or the possibility of a life of solitude. If she chose to stay with her father who was abusive and unwilling to change his ways, she would most certainly have a life of predictability and unhappiness. This made life with Frank sound more appealing. Also, Eveline had made a promise to her dying mother to take care of the home and her younger siblings for as long as she could. She would have to go back on her promise. Could she break a promise to her dying mother? The neighborhood she lived in was predictable and comfortable. We will write a custom essay sample on Love and Family or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page She knew everything about it. As hard as the decision was, Eveline made the right decision to stay with her family because she is afraid to fail. Although Frank was a sailor that promised fun, dreams, and the ability to be happy, he could never make Eveline completely happy without love. When they would meet in secret she would always have fun with him. He made her happy. They would go to shows and he would sing to her. He made her feel special, which was something Eveline yearned for. Frank was mysterious. He told her stories of the many things he would do on his travels. He told of how he traveled through the Straights of Magellan and of when he had fallen on his feet in Buenos Ayres. His stories were always elaborate and often seemingly unbelievable at times. He told her he would take her to Buenos Ayres; this is where they would live happily ever after. He had a house waiting for her, he told her. She would be his wife. He never actually told her though, what would become of them or how they would survive. She knew Frank could give her life, but only perhaps love too. Eveline was not in love with Frank. At the end of this short story when she tells him good bye her eyes showed him no sign of farewell, or recognition, or love. When she decided to stay, Eveline knew what the rest of her life had in store with her family. Eveline was comfortable with her family and knew what to expect for the rest of her life. She had food and shelter. Her father was abusive and demanding but, he was always there for her and her family. One time when she was sick he read her a story and made her toast by the fire. This shows that even if his actions don’t always prove it, he cares about her and loves her. She would have to give up her family to stay with Frank because her father did not like him. Once her father had quarreled with Frank, after that she had been forbidden to see him any longer. She loved her family. It would be too difficult to give up on her family to be with a man she did not love. If she failed she would not have her family. Eveline never wanted to disappoint anyone in anything she did. If she left she would even disappoint her dead mother. Eveline had made a promise to her dying mother, on her death bed, the night she died, to keep the house together for as long as she could. This was hard for Eveline, but she knew it must be done. Eveline was the only person who could take on the task of caring for her siblings after her mother had passed away. Her father was often in a bad way, and would become violent with everyone that he came in contact with. Eveline would give all her money to the family for what they needed and wished she could give more. If Eveline stayed she would have to continue to work hard to keep her family together, but it was familiar and did not threaten failure and loneliness. She knew what was expected of her and knew she could do it. She would go to work, come home, and take care of her family that was her routine. Eveline was comfortable. She would work hard to keep her family together. She would not fail and she would forever be able to stay in the house she was familiar with and loved. Eveline was so accustomed to the neighborhood she lived, it had become comfortable. This was where she had grown up. She used to play in the streets and she knew everybody. She even knew the sounds of the people walking down the street, like the familiar footsteps clacking on the pavement of the man in the last house on his way home. She knew the familiar smells of the area. She was fond of the smell of her house. Eveline often mentioned the familiar odor of dusty creatone. Everything in the house was familiar and she had wondered at times if she would ever see them again. She had never dreamed of being divided from them. She was unsure if she could leave and not come back. She would never be able to see these things again. This was something Eveline could never face. Eveline was a weak woman brought down by a man all her life. Eveline made the right decision by staying because she had no idea what was ahead and was too afraid of failure. The risk of failure was too real. There were no promises of success. Eveline realized she only had one family and if you turn on them you have nobody left. If she were to fail with Frank she would have to fail alone, she than would have nobody to be there to help pick up the pieces. She would never again have the familiar sounds in the street, the house she grew up in, or her family. She would have to break a promise she made to her dying mother. Eveline did not believe it was worth the chance of failure. Eveline made the right decision to stay with her family.

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The Power and The Glory essays

The Power and The Glory essays First, to prove to be admirable, one has to deserve praise for his or her excellence. In Graham Greenes novel, The Power and the Glory, the Whiskey Priest does not initially portray the qualities it takes to be recognized as that admirable person, but in the end he shines as a hero. In spite of the Priests continuous hiding, running, drinking, and other unethical activities, his virtues play a major role in why he engages in all the activities he does. We see evidence of the Priests despair in the beginning when we come to find out that he has a daughter, Brigitta, from a previous affair with Maria. The Whiskey Priest lives with continuous guilt throughout most of the book. Not only does the Priest hide from many people including his daughter, he also moves from place to place many times. Therell be another boat, in a fortnight, or three weeks. You are lucky, you can get out, states Mr. Tench to reassure the Whiskey Priest that he does not have to stay in Carmen (17). Running from his problems and hiding from different individuals, the Whiskey Priest moves from Carmen through various cities and then back to Carmen again. The one thing the Whiskey Priest wants to be pardoned from most, is his sinful and indecent act with Maria Give me my brandy, is a phrase spoken by the Whiskey Priest throughout the novel (17). The Whiskey Priest finds great pleasure and comfort in drinking. The Whiskey Priest turns to drinking to escape from the reality of life. The many drinks the priest consumes cause him some uneasiness with both himself and others. When you are older youll understand the difference between drinking a little brandy after dinner and well, needing it, was Captain Fellows reaction to the Priests continuous need for Brandy (38). The Whiskey Priest is continuously performing kind acts to benefit the parishioner ...

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External and Internal Environmental Analysis Essay

External and Internal Environmental Analysis - Essay Example Discussed below is the internal and external environmental analysis of Bayou Inn; a hotel in the lodging industry (Nadine & Pahl, 2009). Recommended Vision Statement Success in the hospitality industry can only be achieved if a company models its vision statement to target the customers it intends to provide services (Briggs, 1999). The vision statement must be brief, clear and concise. It must indicate the general direction the hotel aims to head, while capturing the dream of the founders of the company. Therefore, the recommended vision statement must highlight the high regard in which customers are held by the employees, management and shareholders of the hotel (Briggs, 1999). In the case of Bayou Inn, the vision statement can highlight how the business intends to look in a specified duration of time. In such a scenario, the capturing of Bayou Inn’s aspirations occurs. An analysis of vision statements of the biggest hotels in the hospitality industry indicates that these st atements capture the aspirations of their founder; for example, Conrad Hilton’s vision statement for the Hilton chain of luxurious hotels, â€Å"To achieve extraordinary things, you must first dream magnificent dreams† (Briggs, 1999). ... Drucker also emphasizes that the customers rely on the mission statement to figure out the services it provides (Briggs, 1999). Rarely do people look at the statutes, articles or names of an organization to determine the role it plays. Therefore, it is crucial to capture the main goals of the organization in the mission statement. The format of Bayou Inn’s mission statement ought to follow the guidelines used in the determination of objectives (Briggs, 1999). Meaning, the goals stated in the mission statement must be S.M.A.R.T ones. The acronym represents measurable, attainable, specific, realistic and time-bound goals. As a result, Bayou Inn can formulate strategies which will prove viable after the time allocated for their implementation (Briggs, 1999). SWOT Analysis A SWOT analysis helps an organization in the identification of the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats (Nadine & Pahl, 2009). As a result, they are able to strategize with the information gathered i n mind. Capitalizing on the opportunities detected, eliminating the weaknesses found, relying on the strengths noted, and avoiding the threats becomes easier for a company (Nadine & Pahl, 2009). The procedure followed when conducting a SWOT analysis involves the analyzing of both the micro and macro environments of a business. The micro environment entails the functions found within an organization whereas the macro environment covers the aspects outside of the organization. The macro environment is further split into the broad and narrow categories (Nadine & Pahl, 2009). Information gathered from a SWOT analysis of the microenvironment reveals the employees’ outlook on the firm’s